Leadership Structure


Elders       (Life Church Vision, Direction, & Finances)

There are 5 elders who serve the Lord at Life Church by meeting monthly, or as often as needed, to discuss and plan vision, direction, and finances of the fellowship.  The elders are: Brian Dolihite, Jeb Smith, Ron Smith, Paul Post, and Dale Waltman.

Deacons     (Discipleship & Missions)

There are currently 7 deacons who serve the Lord at Life Church.  They are responsible for local missions, discipleship, facilitating services / events, encouraging  and serving the Life Church fellowship.  The deacons are: Tim Pernie, Jimee Skinner, Jim Cobb, Ben Martin, Todd Stanton, Jack Severson, and Christian Voelkel.

Life Church Staff

Dale Waltman          Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, Weddings, Funerals, Counseling, Web Page, Bulletin, Staff Oversight – Elder

Paula Post                 Administrative, Calendar, Finance, Web Page, Sunday Media, Church Emails

Christian Voelkel   Worship Leader – Deacon

Katie Dillaha            Children’s Ministry Leader, Social Media

Colton Mapoles      Youth Intern

Ben Martin               Unpaid Ordained Deacon – Weddings, Funerals, Missions

Jimee Skinner          Unpaid Ordained Deacon – Prison Ministry, Weddings, Funerals



Ministry Structure Oversight and Prayer

1. Children’s Ministry  – Children’s Ministry Leader Katie Dillaha

2. Youth Ministry – Pastor Dale & Colton Mapoles

2. Worship Ministry – Worship Leader & Deacon Christian Voelkel

3. Local Missions & Benevolence – Elders Oversee

4. Prayer Ministry – Elders Oversee

5.Foreign Missions – Elders Oversee

6. Sunday School Discipleship – Deacons Oversee

7. Prison Ministry – Deacon Jimee Skinner

8. Life Church Service Oversight – Deacon Jack Severson




Pastor Dale’s Weekly Work Schedule

40+ hours of weekly office / meetings

These hours do not include special events/weddings/funerals/youth events/church events outside of scheduled office hours or mission trips.  Comp time is made available for hours worked during days off.  Monday and Friday can be interchanged as a day off depending on church and family needs.

Monday    Off                    6:30pm-9:00pm (after hours meeting slot)

Tuesday    9am-5:30pm

Wed          9am- 3pm                4:00pm-9:30pm (Youth Group meeting & prep)

Thurs        9am- 2pm

Friday       8am-2pm

Saturday   Off      (Will attend some scheduled church events on days off)

Sunday     5:30am-12:30pm